Fight, Flight, and… Photograph?

Last week, the fire alarm went off at school during my music class. It was cold and rainy and everyone was confused, because we knew a drill hadn’t been scheduled for that day. It only got worse when not one but six fire trucks—six, plus the deputy fire chief’s pickup—pulled up at the front curb, and everyone started freaking out.

Long story short, there was no actual fire and everyone’s pretty sure some genius pulled the alarm.

(Clearly, I wasn’t angry about it at all.)

But it wasn’t the standing in the rain that bothered me the most. It was the fact that for those ten minutes, almost everyone had their phones out and was filming what was going on. I saw people taking photos of the firemen getting out of their trucks and people pushing to the front so they could “get this on their Snapchat story” and I just couldn’t get it. At that point, the general consensus was still oh my God, our school’s on fire, but here are people filming it with enthusiasm because it’ll make a great tweet or Vine? I know we’re touted as the Internet generation and we supposedly can’t live without our phones, but how can this be a thing?

But unfortunately, this is a thing, and a big one at that. It’s not just potential fires; it’s car accidents, fights, explosions. Everyone wants to record them. Maybe it’s the six seconds (sorry, couldn’t help it) of fame it gets them. Maybe it’s that part of us that makes us slow down at car accidents and stare because secretly we love destruction. I don’t know. I hope I never will. But I sure as hell hope I don’t ever participate in that.

(Short post, I know. But I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month, so November blog posts will be shorter than usual.)


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