University Applications (Or, Why Alex is Going To Go Insane)

I’m about halfway through my senior year of high school now. In June, I’ll graduate and be finished with high school completely. Which means that very, very soon, I’ll have to start sending in my university applications.

hyperventilating spongebob because university applications and future

me because university applications

Truth is, I have no clue what I’m going to do with my life.

Like, what do I want to study? I dunno. What do I want to do when I get older? Write? (Probably? Maybe?) What school do I want to go to? No clue, man. Where do I want to go to school? Error code 404: does not compute. I have literally zero ideas on what I want to do with my life. And in roughly two weeks, I’m going to have to figure out How to Adult and make a decision.

So, long story short, not only is my stress level to the max because of school/schoolwork, but I’m now teetering on the edge of an existential crisis re: my impending future.

existential crisis re: impending failure on how to adult re: university applications

And I know I’m not the only one like this. I’ve talked to a lot of people in my school who feel the same way. One of my friends is in the exact same boat as me—there are several different schools she likes, all in different cities and all with different programs. And admittedly, I have, like, a skeleton idea of what I want to do. I know that eventually, I’d like to move out to BC and be a journalist. But that’s about it. I have a handful of schools I’m looking at, but they’re all for different programs—one’s a combined literature and culture program, another’s a history program, and yet another’s a combined journalism major. They’re all in different cities, too—Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and one close to home. Some very far, some far, some a few hours’ drive, some quite close. I’ve weighed the pros and cons of each, and I’m still not sure what my first choice is.

But unfortunately, in about a week or so, I’m going to have to figure it out. Even if I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to do.

university application panic


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