Greece: A Trip in Pictures

As some of you may know from my Twitter, I went to Greece on a school trip over March Break.

I got back Sunday evening, and what with jet lag, school assignments, and starting a new job, I’ve been a little too busy to write a full recap post. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get one up next week and return to my regular posting schedule. But for now, I’ll leave you with some of my favourite pictures from the trip! Bear in mind that these photos were all taken with my phone, not my regular camera, and it was pretty overcast for most of the trip, so the quality might not be the best.

Cape Sounion Beach
The Aegean Sea near the outskirts of Athens
Mountains near Delphi, Greece
Mountains near Delphi
Delphi, Gtreee mountains
The view from the top of Delphi
Archea Olympia, Greece
Ruins at Archea Olympia
Gate in King Agammemnon’s Palace
Ruins in Mycenae, Greece
Ruins in Mycenae
The Academy of Athens
The Academy of Athens
Walking into the Acropolis, near the Parthenon in Athens, Greece
Walking into the Acropolis

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