Story Snippet: March


It’s the first thing her mother’s said since she picked her up from the station. Nothing there, nothing in the car. Not a single word until the door closes behind them.

Audrey glances into the kitchen. Past the yellow police tape, she can still see the blood if she looks close enough.

Why. She’s been wondering it, too. Why it happened. Why her, why now, why then. Why him. She hasn’t come up with an answer yet, and she doesn’t know if she ever will.

His scream turns into hers and back again.

Audrey, no—don’t do it—

No, stop—stop!—please, James, please, don’t—

Don’t do it, Audrey—

She swallows and finally looks up at her mother. “I don’t know,” she says quietly, her hands starting to tremble. Then she darts up the stairs and out of sight.


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