March Watches: Marvel’s Luke Cage

Holy crap, you guys.

The thing is, I haven’t come across anything Marvel that I didn’t like. Sure, there have been things I liked less than others, but I’ve never come across a movie or TV series that I didn’t enjoy. Marvel’s LUKE CAGE, though, definitely takes the cake.

I love everything about it, and I’m serious about that. I love the visuals, the rich culture, the strong characters. I love how human they make Cottonmouth, how no matter how evil he is, he can still cry over Pop and feel sorrow. I love how they make use of cinematography—the crown in the portrait hovering over Cottonmouth’s head when he calls himself king, the spotlights on Cottonmouth’s goonies as they surround Luke, and the blood on the piano keys. I love Claire, and I love Missy. I especially love Mariah, because the story behind her rise to power is so compelling—especially once she takes over. I may think she’s evil, but like Cottonmouth, I can also recognize how human she is.

I know I should probably hate the show for dragging my emotions like this, but the writing is just so unpredictable and compelling. Nothing happens the way I expect it to; when Cottonmouth died, I started yelling “WHAT IS GOING ON,” at my roommate (who’s also seen the show). It’s a wild twist of turns, but the show is so good you won’t even care.

I haven’t finished the season yet (I’m about two-thirds of the way through) because I’ve been distracted by school, but I don’t need to finish it to know that this is one hell of a show. I would recommend it to everyone and their mother. Okay, maybe not their mother, but for the record, mine loved it.


What did you think of Luke Cage? And if you haven’t seen it, are you planning to?

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(image credit(s): Wikia / Marvel Entertainment)



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