I Launched My Second Novel with Tapas!

As you can tell from the title, yes: I launched my second story, DEAR LIZZIE, with Tapas last night!

I launched my second novel, DEAR LIZZIE, with Tapas Media yesterday, and I'm so excited to share the details with you.

I wrote a previous blog post about my first launch with HUMAN, and as most of its logistics are the same as DEAR LIZZIE’s, you can look at that for a more in-depth explanation. Basically, Tapas is an online writing platform where you can read stories by buying “keys” to chapters. It does cost actual, real-life money, but it’s pretty low-cost.

Like HUMAN, DEAR LIZZIE also originated on Wattpad, and that version of it will stay up online. But the version on Tapas differs in several respects. I’ve revised, cut and added to a lot of the chapters, and it also has a different–and much happier–ending. There are fifty-five parts on the Tapas version, versus thirty-eight on the Wattpad version.

Again, as I said in the previous announcement, though I understand not everyone is able to buy the chapters, if you’re able to support me by reading my novel on Tapas, I would be so grateful. Let me know what you think, and thank you again for supporting me.


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