November Watches: Midnight, Texas (NBC)

Midnight, Texas is a drama, but the tension it creates isn’t contrived. There are no love triangles and no backstabbing frenemies (there is kind of one, but it’s a pretty interesting story). The drama feels realistic. A character breaks up with her boyfriend because she’s learned an explosive family secret and wants time to herself, and he respects it. That’s another thing—there are no hallmarks of toxic relationships in this show. They talk to each other and respect each other and care about each other.

Plot Outline Template: A Novel Deconstructed

I wrote my first two novels alongside a very detailed plot outline, and that worked for me; I finished the first draft of my second novel within four months. The thing is, I like structure. I like knowing where my story is going. But my new story is different from everything I’ve written before, and in turn, it requires a new approach to plotting.

And that’s where this comes in: a bare-bones mash-up of every plot outline you’ve seen.