Avengers: Infinity War Killed All My Feelings (Movie Review + Thoughts)

It’s been about two days now and I’m still not really sure about Infinity War. I know that it was a great movie, and probably one of the best Marvel films I’ve seen. But it also kinda ruined my emotions in a way I can’t forgive yet.

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Black Panther (2018) Movie Review + Thoughts

The thing about Black Panther is that even though T’Challa is the main character, the movie’s not really about him. In a lot of “origin” stories, the hero is the focus, and that often means that a lot of the other characters are underdeveloped. But Black Panther is a story about Wakanda in its entirety, not just a single character. It’s not just about T’Challa, but T’Challa and all the people that work with him (key word: with, not for).

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November Watches: Midnight, Texas (NBC)

Midnight, Texas is a drama, but the tension it creates isn’t contrived. There are no love triangles and no backstabbing frenemies (there is kind of one, but it’s a pretty interesting story). The drama feels realistic. A character breaks up with her boyfriend because she’s learned an explosive family secret and wants time to herself, and he respects it. That’s another thing—there are no hallmarks of toxic relationships in this show. They talk to each other and respect each other and care about each other.

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July Watches: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I’ve never binge-watched a show before, but I finished all four seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix within about a month (which is a little shameful looking back on it). I’ve never really gravitated towards comedies, but Brooklyn was perfect for me. It’s not a masterpiece by a long shot, but it makes me laugh and doesn’t pull any punches.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review (2017): A Movie for the Little Guys

Peter Parker is different. He doesn’t operate on international, galaxy-wide levels. He’s a just a fifteen-year-old kid from Brooklyn, and in turn, the movie is decidedly mortal. Peter may be genetically enhanced, thanks to that radioactive spider, but everything else is very, very mundane. Venom is just a guy with a pair of alien metal wings trying to provide for his family. Iron Man is just a dude trying to help a kid not make the mistakes he did, while making a lot of the same mistakes his father did. Peter is a nerd with a nerdy best friend who is just trying to fit in.

It’s a superhero movie, but it’s a coming-of-age film about a teenager trying to find his place in the world, too. And that’s what made it work.

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Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Review: Superheroes, Complexity, and Strength

If she was anything else, Diana wouldn’t be so important. The thing is, it would’ve been easy for DC to make her too perfect, to make her a female Superman, good and righteous and pure, all the while looking breathtakingly beautiful, and charge that as feminism. But it wouldn’t feel right. We’ve been fighting for a female hero for so long, and Diana is what we deserve. She is complex and multi-dimensional and flawed, and because of that, she stands up against our favourite male superheroes. She is as good, if not better.

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