The Presidency of Fear

This is not about politics or parties; the world is far past that. It’s about humanity. It’s about kids being tortured because of their sexuality. It’s about women being in control of their own bodies. It’s about the freedom to walk outside and not being assaulted or harassed.


Here’s the thing: we don’t need to have a slightly-overweight-turned-lean-warrior girl searching for her kidnapped father for there to be moral ambiguity. That’s like saying a story can’t have drama in it unless there’s a love triangle, or a manuscript doesn’t have any suspense in it unless it’s a murder-mystery. The truth you’re not seeing is those dumb high school stories can be rich with moral ambiguity, too.


Instead of placing blame and discriminating against people because they believe in a religion made infamous for birthing radicals, we should focus on helping Paris heal. Saying every Muslim is a terrorist is like saying every Christian is a misogynistic white supremacist. It’s untrue and demeaning. This “us vs. them” culture that’s revealed itself so much in Paris’ aftermath is just as toxic as ISIS’ radical form of Islam.