Growing Up White

Now, at eighteen years old, I’m still trying to figure out where that leaves me. I’m not white. But I don’t feel Latina, either. I toe the line between two ethnicities and don’t feel entirely comfortable in either.


Hey, Millennials—We’ve Gotta Believe in Ourselves

That lazy/entitled/arrogant/narcissistic image of us isn’t the full reality. But the problem is that time and time again, the outliers are the ones who get noticed. And labels stick. When you hear over and over again how entitled or lazy you are, sometimes, you start to believe it. When someone tells you your dreams are foolish a few too many times, sometimes you abandon them.

The Presidency of Fear

This is not about politics or parties; the world is far past that. It’s about humanity. It’s about kids being tortured because of their sexuality. It’s about women being in control of their own bodies. It’s about the freedom to walk outside and not being assaulted or harassed.