7 Lessons Your Favourite Childhood TV Shows and Movies Taught You

If you think about it, the stuff you watch as a kid is pretty formative. I learned a lot of stuff from the movies and TV shows I watched back then, and they taught me a few crucial life lessons, too. Here are seven of them.


August Reads: CATCHER IN THE RYE by J. D. Salinger

To me, CATCHER IN THE RYE isn’t angry at all. It’s just sad. Holden is both too old for his age and too young. He’s too old for his peers and he desperately wants to stay a little kid so he doesn’t get phony, either. It’s a story of a boy who desperately wants to find some realness in this world, who feels stuck in place when all he wants to do is move.

Growing Up White

Now, at eighteen years old, I’m still trying to figure out where that leaves me. I’m not white. But I don’t feel Latina, either. I toe the line between two ethnicities and don’t feel entirely comfortable in either.