Writing Advice Masterpost Part 1: Plotting, Characters and World-Building

A couple weeks ago I promised a list of all the writing resources I’ve come across that have helped me become a better writer. I hope these links can help you as much as they’ve helped me.

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On Endings

I finished my second novel a little over a week ago. It took me four months, in which I stressed myself out to the max by trying to juggle NaNoWriMo, senior year midterms, and losing two chapters five hundred words from the end, but finally, I finished it. I went through this once before with […]

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Vindicta – Snippet #1

“I’m not done with you,” I say, voice low. “What the hell happened this morning?”

“I told you already,” he says, irritated. “I thought I’d let you have some beauty sleep. You looked like you needed it.”

My hand tightens around his arm. He doesn’t even flinch. “Don’t lie to me,” I snap. “You were supposed to wake me up. But instead you screwed up and fell asleep and put both our lives in jeopardy. Next time you pull a stupid stunt like that, patch yourself up. Because I’m not going to do it again.”

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The Truth Behind #VeryRealisticYA

So, last week, this hashtag, #VeryRealisticYA, was created by @ABoredAuthor (aka John Hansen), and it caught the online writing community by storm. The tweets people sent in were hilarious. (I’m too lazy to embed them, but if you want to see some of them you can go here, here or here.) But although the hashtag […]

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