Story Snippet: June

He has never found a place that feels like home. He’s lived in this house for over a year, can count all the cracks on his bedroom ceiling. He knows where the floorboards creak and where the old stairs dip. The flashing lights and heavy bass thudding through the room might be the most familiar […]

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Story Snippet: April

She doesn’t realize it until now, when the truth’s so big it stares her in the face. She’s been waiting her whole life for someone to show her the world. She wanted it to be him, thought it would be him, but he was too scared of the world to show her anything above the […]

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Story Snippet: February

“I’m sorry,” he says, small and pained and scared and gone. “I’m sorry, I can’t, I shouldn’t, I won’t.” “B—” she whispers, mouth open and terrified and so beautiful, “please—talk to me, baby, please—” “I won’t do this to you,” he says, and it’s final this time. “I won’t do this to you, too.” He […]

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Story Snippet: December

Matt’s staring at him, lips pulled down and eyes soft like he knows what Braedyn’s thinking, what he’s gonna say. It’s not the first time; it won’t be the last. “Nah,” he says, shaking his head. “Not today.” Then he turns around and walks away.

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Vindicta – Snippet #4

“How do you know what I am?” I hiss, tugging him to a stop by the sleeve of his jacket. “Tell me, how come you know me so well?” “I never said I did,” he answers, jerking away from me. “I just said you didn’t. Are you going to tell me I’m wrong?”

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