6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing

I’ve learned a few things over the years that have helped me become a better writer. Here are six of them.

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Story Snippet: October

She doesn’t remember the ride to the station, or waiting in a stiff chair for them to call for her. She doesn’t even remember being led into the interrogation room. She does remember saying that it was an accident, that it was dark and she was alone and when he snuck up on her, she’d […]

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Plot Outline Template: A Novel Deconstructed

I wrote my first two novels alongside a very detailed plot outline, and that worked for me; I finished the first draft of my second novel within four months. The thing is, I like structure. I like knowing where my story is going. But my new story is different from everything I’ve written before, and in turn, it requires a new approach to plotting.

And that’s where this comes in: a bare-bones mash-up of every plot outline you’ve seen.

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Story Snippet: March

“Why?” It’s the first thing her mother’s said since she picked her up from the station. Nothing there, nothing in the car. Not a single word until the door closes behind them. Audrey glances into the kitchen. Past the yellow police tape, she can still see the blood if she looks close enough. Why. She’s […]

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