Story Snippet: December

Matt’s staring at him, lips pulled down and eyes soft like he knows what Braedyn’s thinking, what he’s gonna say. It’s not the first time; it won’t be the last. “Nah,” Braedyn says, shaking his head. “Not today.” Then he turns around and walks away. Advertisements

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Story Snippet: May

Once I finish retching, I rinse my mouth out and collapse against him. He circles his arms around me tightly like he’s trying to hold the fragments of me together, and I loop my arms around his neck and hold on for dear life. “What happened?” he asks quietly, one hand moving to cradle the […]

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Story Snippet: March

“Why?” It’s the first thing her mother’s said since she picked her up from the station. Nothing there, nothing in the car. Not a single word until the door closes behind them. Audrey glances into the kitchen. Past the yellow police tape, she can still see the blood if she looks close enough. Why. She’s […]

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Vindicta – Snippet #2

“Damn it,” he growls, angry now. “You want to keep beating me up? Go ahead.” He spreads his hands, making a show of leaving himself open. “Hit me. Color me black and blue, go ahead. Get that adrenaline rush you love so much. That’s what you want, isn’t it?” He stops, chuckles out a bitter laugh. “But when are you going to realize you don’t need to do that anymore?”

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