Don’t let them see you fall.

Kieran MacQueen learned a long time ago not to rely on anyone—including herself. Four years ago, she lost her brother, and all her faith in the world went with him. Now seventeen, she spends her days training toward the only goal that still makes sense: defeat the Aquilae. Avenge her brother. Because no matter what, she can’t let herself be weak again.

Flynn McAlister is the last living memory of a village burned to the ground. Born in the forest, he feels like he died there, too. Quiet and intelligent, he learned quickly how to wear his grief like a suit of armor. Letting people in is a luxury he can’t afford; he’s not sure he can survive losing anyone else.

Both are dangerous and unpredictable, and if they keep down the same path, sure to catch flame. But when a surprise attack forces them into the forest that changed both their lives, they’re all the other has.

Their ghosts aren’t the only thing they have to run away from anymore.

delta by a. c. wyatt


“You shouldn’t care about me,” I whispered, closing my eyes against the harsh truth of my admittance. There. Finally, after all this time, there was the truth.
Hayden paused in the doorway. I could imagine him looking at me, a small, sad smile across his lips. “But I do,” he breathed back, and left.

Happenstance - A. C. Wyatt


Ellie thought she was unremarkable. Noah thought otherwise. And when they met on the school bus, everything changed.

dear lizzie by a. c. wyatt

Dear Lizzie

Dear Lizzie,

Everyone says you’re gone. But you can’t be—you’re Lizzie. You can’t be gone.
But you really are, aren’t you?


Tommy Gold’s the snarky, gay lit major who still lives in his parents’ basement. Jake Miller’s the all-American straight guy with only one leg.
Turns out, neither of those things is completely true.

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