My Writing

delta by a. c. wyatt


“You shouldn’t care about me,” I whispered, closing my eyes against the harsh truth of my admittance. There. Finally, after all this time, there was the truth.
Hayden paused in the doorway. I could imagine him looking at me, a small, sad smile across his lips. “But I do,” he breathed back, and left.

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Happenstance - A. C. Wyatt


Ellie thought she was unremarkable. Noah thought otherwise. And when they met on the school bus, everything changed.

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dear lizzie by a. c. wyatt

Dear Lizzie

Dear Lizzie,

Everyone says you’re gone. But you can’t be—you’re Lizzie. You can’t be gone.
But you really are, aren’t you?

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Tommy Gold’s the snarky, gay lit major who still lives in his parents’ basement. Jake Miller’s the all-American straight guy with only one leg.
Turns out, neither of those things is completely true.

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