November Watches: Marvel’s Agent Carter

Agent Carter is by no means perfect. There are several places where it could’ve done better in terms of diversity and fleshing out its secondary characters. But do I still love the show? Yes. It was one of the first things—shows, movies, whatever—that depicted a strong, female character just existing. Not having to continuously prove herself for the audience, not having to forfeit love, and not having to eschew any emotion as a sign of weakness. Peggy just was. She cried and she made mistakes and she cared deeply about others and yet she was still the strongest person in the room. And that was what I loved that about her.

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Writing When You Don’t Know How

For some reason, this year I haven’t been able to find the time or motivation to write anything. I keep telling myself I’m gonna sit down and write a scene, but it never happens. Every once and a while I get a great idea and jot a quick note down in my phone, but that’s it. And come to think about it, that’s not exactly a new thing for me, either.

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Why I Love Halloween

Look, spooky things are great. I may not be a horror movie aficionado, but as I grew up, I found myself leaning more and more towards spooky stuff. Scooby-Doo? Count me in. Tim Burton movies? Yes please. My favourite parts of Disney films tended to be the creepier bits, like Maleficent’s scenes or the forest in Beauty in the Beast. Now I’m a (soon to be) twenty-year-old with an obsession with The Addams Family and Buzzfeed Unsolved.

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Story Snippet: October

It’s hard to explain how she feels most of the time. Sometimes she feels like energy is running through her veins, like the world is a little brighter and a little sharper and she has a plan for everything. Those are the good days. Sometimes she wakes up and her veins are filled with molasses, […]

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The 8-Part Guide to Researching for and Developing Your Novel

You’ve probably heard people tell you to learn how to write from other books about a dozen times already. And while I agree with that to some degree, I think people dismiss how helpful other media can be. Reading, watching or listening to media set in a similar place and/or time as the manuscript you’re writing can be extremely helpful. I don’t just mean documentaries, although those can be helpful too. I’m talking about fictional media.

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What I Learned From My First Journalism Job

I learned this summer that you have to figure out what people are interested in talking about and what they don’t want to talk about. I learned when to press people and when to step back and let them do the talking, when to ease up and let them get comfortable and when you can go deeper. And while I already knew that sometimes people just don’t want to talk, and you can’t force them, I also learned that sometimes people just need a little nudge and they’ll open up so beautifully.

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