Spider-Man: Far from Home (Review + Thoughts)

I have made it no secret over the last few years how much I love Spider-Man. He’s my favourite superhero; I cried in Infinity War because of him, and I cried twice in Endgame because of him. (Captain America is a close second, to be fair.) I can relate to him, a kid who just wants to do what’s best but ends up royally screwing up every time, a lot more than most MCU characters.

So I loved Far from Home.

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May Study Abroad Diaries: The Finale (Final Thoughts)

The morning I left was a sad one, because I had to leave behind so many people I won’t see again for a while. While I did make one friend who lives about an hour away from me, thankfully, most of my friends were from Australia or England, both of which aren’t exactly easy to get to. It’s easier now with all the technology we have and I’m hoping to organize a reunion trip with some of my other study abroad friends in a few years, but it’s always sad to have to leave new friends behind, and I miss them.

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Some Changes

Unfortunately, this isn’t a blog post—I’m hoping to have one out in the next week or so, and it’ll be Marvel themed, wink wink—but for now, I wanted to say a couple things. I got back home from my study abroad exchange less than forty-eight hours from the time of writing this post, and today […]

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4 More Podcasts To Listen To

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about some of favourite podcasts and why I like them. Well, I’ve been listening to some new stuff recently, and I wanted to share them. RIDICULOUS HISTORY Once again, I’m a big ol’ history nerd, and this podcast—which is produced by the same company that produces […]

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